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Episode 71: Thread Around Holes with Kim Davis

May 12, 2023 Ricky B Season 2 Episode 71
The Fremont Podcast
Episode 71: Thread Around Holes with Kim Davis
Show Notes

A new member of the Fremont community, but not a new at all to the Bay Area, is the Lace Museum that will be reopening its doors in Fremont for the first time on Mothers' Day weekend.

Lace is an art and artifact that finds it place in the stories of people both rich and poor from all over the world for centuries. The Lace Museum in the Warm Springs district of Fremont seeks to preserve and tell these stories as best as possible as well as preserve and teach the art that has made lace what is and has been for hundreds of years.

To learn more about lace and the Lace Museum, listen to this episode; or better yet, head on down to the Lace Museum in Warm Springs and check it out for yourself.

You can find the Lace Museum here:  200 Brown Road, Suite 300, Fremont.
If you nee help from a map, you can go here.

You can learn more about the Lace Museum on there website as well found here.

You can connect with them on Facebook here. You can connect with them on Instagram here.

Additional content and reporting was done by Mark Emmons. 

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