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Episode 74: The Mudpuddle Shop and Song Writing with Michael McNevin

June 02, 2023 Ricky B Season 2 Episode 74
The Fremont Podcast
Episode 74: The Mudpuddle Shop and Song Writing with Michael McNevin
Show Notes

A long time Niles resident and singer-songwriter Michael McNevin join us on the podcast this week. Michael is the imaginator and curator of the infamous Mudpuddle Shop in Niles. From antique decorations to etch-a-sketch drawings, the MudPuddle is a place to visit and take in if you ever get the chance.

Michael shares with us a bit of his story as well as a story or two behind a few of the songs that he has written over time. He is inspiring and engaging. He's a song-writing teacher as well. Michael leads the Pacific Songwriting Camp every January and has participated in teaching songwriting at other workshops in places like Yosemite. He instructs and inspires musicians and aspiring writers how to write and develop the craft. And many of the Pacific Songwriting Camp song-campers have travelled from all over the US to come play in Niles or do workshops at the Mudpuddle, over the years.

the best way to explore Michael's  recorded music and career is on his website here:

If you are interested in any upcoming Mudpuddle Shop Songwriter Showcases & Song Swaps & Jams you can find that on his  Personal FB Page:

You can connect with Michael McNevin on Facebook here and can take part in his online music sessions from this page.

If you would like to hear the album "Last Of The Old Dogs" that was mentioned in this episode, you can listen here.

The film mentioned in this episode is called: "Weekend King" directed by Bill Levesque in 2007. The director used Niles as his filming location for the fictional town of New Springs, UT.  The trailer can be viewed here.

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