The Fremont Podcast

Episode 75: Being Penpositive with Vinod Narayan

June 09, 2023 Ricky B Season 2 Episode 75
The Fremont Podcast
Episode 75: Being Penpositive with Vinod Narayan
Show Notes

Vinod Narayan joins us on the podcast this week and talks about life. Vinod's life is one that it marked by failure and that is ok. He is a podcaster, a content creator, an entrepreneur and many other things; but in all of these things, he is learning to be ok with failure. In his failure, he has learned many things about what it means to live life to the fullest.

In a conversation that is real and raw, Vinod shares many lessons that he has learned in his life and lessons that he is learning even now in his current situation. Never overlook the good of what is hard times can offer.

You can find Vinod at the links below:

On his website here.

On Instagram here for Penpositive.

On Instagram here for Pahayanmedia

On Instagram here for Agilemalayali

On Youtube here for Penpositive.

On Youtube here for Pahayanmedia

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