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Episode 83: Building Community Brick by Brick with Jason Farina

August 04, 2023 Ricky B Season 2 Episode 83
The Fremont Podcast
Episode 83: Building Community Brick by Brick with Jason Farina
Show Notes
What's "Your Next Brick Idea"?:  A Lego-inspired design and bookstore in downtown Niles wants to help you build the future.

Jason Farina discovered the joy and sense of community that developed around Legos. Starting with the idea of decorating his cubicle at work to then sharing his lego sets with kids who came to work with their parents on Bring-Your-Kids-to-Work Day, the idea of having a fully engaging Lego Museum started its evolution.

Beginning on weekends in mid-August, 2023, you can now enjoy a variety of ways to stimulate your imagination and creativity at the new Lego experience in Niles. The build out of the space is still underway, but the goal is for the community to all have a hand in making it what it will one day be. Do not miss the opportunity to be involved in the development of this new feature coming to downtown Niles.

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