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Episode 84: FREMONT the Movie with Anaita Wali Zada, Babak Jalali, and Sudnya Shroff

August 11, 2023 Ricky B Season 2 Episode 84
The Fremont Podcast
Episode 84: FREMONT the Movie with Anaita Wali Zada, Babak Jalali, and Sudnya Shroff
Show Notes

Featured in film festivals around the world, FREMONT has drawn the attention of thousands and has even received some prestigious awards for the film. FREMONT was set and in filmed in our city and features a story that will resonate with many have have fled or migrated to this city for various reasons.

In this episode, we are joined by lead actress Anaita Wali Zada, producer Sudnya Shroff, and director and co-writer Babak Jalali. Our conversation with these three provide a small window into the world behind the story as well as the making of the film.

Soon, upon the release of this episode, the film FREMONT will be shown in San Francisco for its Bay Area premiere. Below is the information you need to find it.

"Fremont" will be playing August 26th at the Roxie theater in San Francisco.

Click here to watch the trailer.

For more information about the film, check it out here on IMDB.

To see the film acknowledged by Sundance.

To follow the film on Instagram, click here. 

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