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Farewell to Mission Coffee: A Final Word from Gael

December 29, 2023 Andrew C Season 3
The Fremont Podcast
Farewell to Mission Coffee: A Final Word from Gael
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Every coffee shop has its own blend of stories and characters, but it's rare to find one that truly feels like home. Mission Coffee has been a staple in the community for decades. Gael's final goodbye speech is filled with gratitude and  outward recognition of those who helped make Mission Coffee what it was to the end. 

A toast to all that Gael has done for the community and to the future. This bonus episode invites us all to savor the bittersweet blend of farewell and new beginnings. Pour yourself a comforting mug and join us in celebrating the legacy of Mission Coffee, where every patron leaves with a story. Cheers to the future!

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Speaker 1:

Happy New Year everybody. This is a bonus episode. Really. It's an excuse to say goodbye to Gale and everyone on the staff at Mission Coffee. Mission Coffee recently closed. You might have heard about it. The following is Gale, the owner of Mission Coffee, giving a goodbye speech to her staff, to people who showed up for the last day, and, and and not surprising for this podcast, gale talks a lot about community. She doesn't talk much about herself in the speech. She talks about the people that helped her do everything that she did. The audio that you're about to hear was taken from a video recorded by someone who was a former employee and is, in fact, a old high school friend of mine. So thank you, mr Lightholder. I won't use your first name because we don't want to confuse the shans in the audio. I'm just gonna let it play. But one quick note when Gale mentions Mark among the staff members. Among the many staff members, mark has actually done some work for us here on the podcast. At any rate, here's Gale's goodbye speech to us all. Thank you, gale.

Speaker 2:

Including my own tickets that help start business. But these guys, these are the die-hards man and all of the chaos Peter, daniel, shawn here's a bunch of them. Oh, mark, where are you? Thank you, some of them, some of them. They made a choice they could have come back. They didn't. Does that change how I feel about it? Absolutely not. I love them, Thank you. So thank you. I just want to, on behalf of our family, I just really want to thank all of our employees that did come back and help out. Shawn, we could not have done this without you at all. Like I've expressed so many times, it makes me want to thank you, thank you, thank you, Whatever that is. So thanks again, everybody. Thank you, cheers, cheers, cheers.

Speaker 1:

Cheers and to the future.