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We Are Asking For Your Support

January 19, 2024 Ricky B Season 3
The Fremont Podcast
We Are Asking For Your Support
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If you have enjoyed the Fremont Podcast, and if you want to help us make a difference, take a minute to listen to this plug. We believe that we can make our community better, and we want to do our part. Will you help?

Fremont Bank has been serving our community for over 60 year. Find out more about them in Episode 104 or on their website here. 

Get 20% off on your first order at Minuteman Press in Fremont. Let them know you heard about them on the podcast.

Don't miss the Ohlone College Flea Market each month on the 2nd Saturday. 

If you are interested in supporting the podcast, please reach out to us at, or you can contact us here. 

The Ohlone College Flea Market takes place this month on April 13th. Don't miss it.

Fremont Bank is our newest sponsor. They have been partnering with and supporting people and small businesses for over six decades.

Also, Petrocelli Homes has been a key sponsor for the Fremont Podcast almost from the beginning. If you are looking for help or advice about buying or selling a home, or if you are looking for a realtor, get in touch with Petrocelli Homes on Niles Blvd in Niles.

Additionally, Banter Bookshop is the best little bookshop in Fremont. They are a sponsor of that podcast. And we are excited to have them as a partner.

If you are in need of services for design or printing, check out Minutemen Press in Irvington. They have been serving the community for over 20 years, and they stand strong by their work and service.

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This episode was edited by Andrew C.

Scheduling and background was done by Sara S.

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Speaker 1:

Hello Fremont, we like making this podcast. We're glad it exists. Like that's it. We like that. It is a thing that exists. We think it is a good thing that is routinely added into the community, week by week, based on the listeners, the numbers that we can see behind all our fancy online charts and graphs and such. It looks like you all think the podcast is a good thing. It seems like you also want it around and that you want it to exist. If you like the podcast and would like it to exist in the community, please consider supporting the podcast financially. Please consider becoming a supporting member, signing up for the reoccurring support option on the website listed in the show notes of this episode. I'll also tell you the website in a second. If you are able to support us making this show, please do. We would like to keep making it. You can support us on a reoccurring basis at buy me a coffee. Dot com. Slash the Fremont podcast. By me a coffee, all one word. Dot com. Slash the Fremont podcast. Thank you.